Aveiro is a two-whelled vehicle, super easy to drive, customizable and with several extras available.
With its fluid design, the driving experience is exciting.


Urban & Versatile

Being very popular in countries where already exists, its a very envolved vehicle that answers to the most demanding technical specifications.
Urban and ff-road at the same time, cruiser is fun, ecological and stylish!
With its large capacity battery and its 1000w motor, you can enjoy a at most 60Kms ange (according to wheight and type of road) and a confortable, happy and funny driving.
Hydraulic brakes, differentiated suspension, large tires and several available extras make this model a very versatile vehicle.

Características Principais

  • 1000w Brushless motor
  • 50/60 km range
  • Several colours available
  • Max. Speed25Km/h
  • Max. Load 200Kg